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Life Light® is a flashing signal light, visible over 2.5 miles, to aid rescuers in locating a person or persons adrift and in distress at sea.


Life Light® is a state of the art, U.S. Coast Guard approved, water-activated LED strobe rescue light. Life Light® is designed to meet the demands of the sea and is ideal for use on life vests, life rafts, safety harnesses, survival suits and many recreational uses.

Life Light® is a flashing signal light to aid rescuers in locating a person or persons adrift and in distress at sea.  Simply attach Life Light® to your safety gear and forget it. Since it is water activated, there are no complicated operating instructions.

An emergency situation is not the time to discover the batteries in your safety lights are dead or corroded. This is a time when you need a dependable light that will start flashing when immersed in water and continue to flash for at least 300 hours.

Other products might give you one night of light. If you are not rescued that first night, you will be left in the dark.  Rescuers often search days or weeks for lost boaters. With Life Light® you will be highly visible and flashing in the water for at least 300 hours!

If you are in a life raft, you can remove Life Light® from the water during the day and it turns off. Put it back in the water at night and it starts flashing. Using Life Light® this way will provide you with a signal light that lasts at least a month, greatly improving your chances of being rescued.

U.S. Coast Guard requires all commercial-use life vests to have a light. Recreational boater’s lives are certainly as important. Your personal safety and that of your family and friends deserves a sealed, trouble-free, maintenance-free, dependable Life Light®.

In addition to boating, Life Light® can be attached to children’s or pet’s life vests at the beach or pool. Attach one to a ring buoy or any item you want lit up in the water.


Stop replacing batteries constantly on your old rescue lights. Stop throwing away corroded light units. The wet environment on a boat will always be a problem with light units that twist open, have switches and require replaceable batteries. Life Light® batteries are totally sealed inside the unit. You never touch them, never change them. After five years, simply replace the whole unit.

Another great feature of Life Light® is that it floats and is attached to a lanyard.  All other signal lights on the front of a life jacket will flash in the person’s eyes for hours. Life Light® can easily float behind your shoulder so you are visible to rescuers, but your night vision and eyes are not adversely affected.

Any emergency situation requires the very best rescue aids. It’s a matter of life and death! Attach a Life Light® to all your life jackets and put a supply in your ditch bag. Have the confidence that your safety lights will work when you need them.